We show results from a DAS 3D VSP field trial acquired over the Clair field offshore West of Shetland in 2017. The primary objectives of the field trial were to i) prove that DAS technology can be used to generate a high-quality static 3D VSP image at Clair in the image area predicted by modelling, ii) assess the impact of production related noise on the final 3D image and iii) determine the acquisition requirements (source density and source volume) for future DAS VSP programme on Clair Ridge. Analysis of the impact of production flow noise are shown along with assessments of the impact of source density, source volume and dual fibre recording on final image quality and signal to noise ratios. The results from this study are being used to determine acquisition requirements for future DAS VSP programmes on Clair Ridge and to assess the feasibility of using DAS for localized on demand, cost effective 4D surveillance around the development wells.


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