Improving the quality and reliability of the seismic image in the complex seismic and geological environments of the Siberian Platform is one of the main tasks in performing both seismic acquisitions and data processing. One of the key elements is the construction of a detailed depth velocity model using wide-azimuth 3D seismic data. There are various methods for constructing a velocity model of the medium in the geophysicists arsenal - based on surface, refracted and reflected waves. An integrated approach based on well-logs data can allow the construction of a detailed depth velocity model of the medium that can improve the quality of the seismic image in the time domain by better static corrections and the reliability of prospects focusing through depth migration.

The paper presents fundamentally different algorithms for recovering the velocities of the high-frequency current and a comprehensive approach to the construction of depth velocity model by the example of the area located in the central part of the Nepa-Botuoba anteclise in the Irkutsk region. The results of the production application of SWI, FWI technologies for near surface velocity and the use of nonlinear tomographic refinement of the velocity model with azimuth information taken into account are presented.


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