Uncertainty in permeability and in-situ water saturation values could be a challenge in a Tight Gas Sandstone (TGS) reservoir characterization. Implementing a new workflow based on Saturation Height Modelling (SHM) and using capillary pressure curves and well logs from 10 different wells in 4 different giant basins of western U.S. TGS reservoirs as the input data, this uncertainty has been reduced considerably. After applying some initial corrections and grouping the curves based on the corresponding cores sorting, size and texture, five SHM methods have been applied to each group. Using regression methods, the function of each model has been rewritten based on the cores petrophysical properties. A water saturation profile has been calculated for each well by entering its porosity and permeability logs and also Height Above Free Water Level (HAFWL) in rewritten functions. Using Standard Error of Estimate (SEE) analysis, the best SHM method has been recognized. Finally, precise permeability values have been calculated for each well by entering its porosity and water saturation logs and also HAFWL in saturation height function of the best method. The accuracy of the results have been approved by high coefficient of determination (R2) between the calculated and the core permeability profiles.


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