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Assessment of quality and repeatability of VSP data acquired by combining DAS and permanent rotary source at the Aquistore field, Page 1 of 1

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  1. DaleyM. T., MillerE. D., Dodds, K., CookP., and FreifeldB.
    [2015] Field testing of modular borehole monitoring with simultaneous distributed acoustic sensing and geophone vertical seismic profiles at Citronelle, Alabama. Geophysical Prospecting, 64(5), 1318–1334.
    [Google Scholar]
  2. Harris, K., D.White, and C.Samson
    , [2017] Imaging the Aquistore reservoir after 36 kilotonnes of CO2 injection using distributed acoustic sensing. Geophysics, 82(6), M81–M96.
    [Google Scholar]
  3. Miller, D. E., T.M.Daley, D.White, B.M.Freifeld, M.Robertson, J.Cocker, M.Craven
    , 2016, Simultaneous Acquisition of Distributed Acoustic Sensing VSP with Multi-mode and Single-mode Fiber-optic Cables and 3C-Geophones at the Aquistore CO2 Storage Site, Recorder, Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysics, v41, n06, p28–33
    [Google Scholar]
  4. Nakatsukasa, M., H.Ban, M.Takanashi, A.Kato, K.Worth, and D.White
    . [2017] Repeatability of a rotary seismic source at the Aquistore CCS site. 87th Annual International Meeting, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 5911–5916.
    [Google Scholar]
  5. OlofssonB., and A.Martinez
    [2017] Validation of DAS data integrity against standard geophones — DAS field test at Aquistore site. The Leading Edge, 36(12), 981–986.
    [Google Scholar]
  6. Roach, A. N.Lisa, WhiteD., and RobertsB.
    [2015] Assessment of 4D seismic repeatability and CO2 detection limits using a sparse permanent land array at the Aquistore CO2 storage site. Geophysics, 80(2), WA1–WA13.
    [Google Scholar]

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