In recent years, many important discoveries have been made in the deep oil and gas exploration worldwide, which indicates the deep has gradually become one of the most important areas in the current and future hydrocarbon exploration. However, the prediction of deep reservoirs is very challenging for their low porosity and complex pore microstructures characteristics caused by the burial depth and diagenesis. Rock physics model is a prevailing tool to connect the reservoir parameters with seismic parameters, which also has its own limitation and advantages controlled by different geological settings. In this paper, we first establish a rock physics model for deep gas sandstone reservoirs based on the geology and well log analysis, and then combine it with the prestack seismic inversion results to quantitatively characterize the porosity and gas saturation of deep sandstone reservoirs. Application results in the East China Sea shelf basin verify the effectiveness and accuracy of this method, which can provide theoretical and practical guidance for the further exploration of deep-buried gas sandstone reservoirs.


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