The East African margin is now an established as a giant gas province in Tanzania and Kenya. However, large areas to the north and south of the gas province remain very lightly explored in Somalia, Mozambique and South Africa. Sandstone reservoirs and structural traps are abundant along most of the margin due to multiple stages of uplift, denudation, rifting and basin inversion. The key ingredient still missing is an oil prone source rock. This paper reviews the geology of the undrilled deepwater margins outside the main gas province, and investigates the potential for the presence of oil prone source rocks.

Seismic data indicate strong low impedance (negative) reflectors developed downdip of the Lower to Mid Cretaceous shelf edge where better development of anoxic condition is likely to preserve organic matter. These reflectors also exhibit a strong negative AVO response which usually indicates a strong anisotropy typical of organic rich source rocks. The talk will highlight some of these occurrences.


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