Based on the comprehensive research on drilling, oil testing, geochemistry and logging data, in combination with the field surveys, 2D seismic data processing and interpretation as well as sedimentation and accumulation history comparison, we carefully compared the source conditions, migration channels, reservoir-cap distribution and trapping types in the Wensu salient, and subsequently constructed a reservoir-forming pattern. Though the Wensu salient is lack of source rocks, some drainage systems were widely developed and efficiently connected to adjacent fertile sags. Due to the moderate Miocene paleogeomorphic conditions in the Wensu salient, the delta and shore-shallow lacustrine beach bar sandy bodies were developed within the Jidike formation, and consequently form widely distributed structural-lithologic traps. The hydrocarbon generation, migration and accumulation mainly happened in the Neogene-Quaternary period, which suggests that the reservoir-forming pattern should be characterized as late-period and compound accumulation. It suggests that, although the border belts in the Tarim Basin might be short of source rocks and structural traps, they are potential to accumulate hydrocarbon in a large scale; the description of efficient hydrocarbon migration channels and structural-lithologic traps is crucial for any successful exploration.


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