A 3D seismic cube of a successful and active geothermal field in the western part of Munich/Germany shows three main seismic facies types and the large scale depositional architecture. Borehole Image interpretation in carbonate reservoirs is very challenging. While fractures, faults and karst can often be recognized very well (especially if filled with conductive drilling mud), borehole image facies types are more difficult to distinguish. A case study from Upper Jurassic carbonates from a producing geothermal field shows the exceptional amount of detail visible in the borehole images (CMI). This enables the borehole image interpreter to compare the borehole image facies to a previously established facies atlas. The vertical change of borehole image facies allows to refine the sequence stratigraphic interpretation. The linke between seismic facies and borehole image facies allows to recognize genetically linked depositional sequences and delineate high permeable flow zones.


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