A geothermal system can be described as a system in which water is used as a transport agent, through which the heat is taken from the sources from basement and transmitted to the consumer. The main elements of a geothermal system are a source of heat, tank and transport fluid, represented by water. The geothermal prospecting for the entire territory of Romania, carried out by temperature measurements allowed the development of geothermal maps, highlighting the temperature distribution at different depths and heat flow. For a good image of the Romania’s geothermal potential, we present, in our paper these maps, that made with the Surfer program, based on the data obtained through digitalizing geothermal maps of Romania (scale 1: 1000000) using Surfer software, kriging method for interpolation. Also, we made maps with other geophysical parameters after smoothed and filtrated of geophysical data (Bouguer anomaly, Free Air anomaly, geoid) and correlations between them.


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