In this paper, an elastic wave ray tracing systems is used to calculate travel time, trajectory of central ray and dynamic information. Then we proposed an anisotropic elastic dynamically focused beam migration by modifying the propagator of Gaussian beam. Meanwhile, based on the Kirchhoff-Helmholtz integral of two-dimensional anisotropic elastic wave, the elastic imaging weight coefficients are derived and applied to suppress the crosstalk noise. In addition, the sign function is introduced in this paper to solve the polarity reversal problem of converted wave imaging. Model tests have demonstrated that the proposed method in this paper can process the multicomponent data and effectively image the anisotropic geological structures.

Moreover, compared with the conventional anisotropic converted wave Gaussian beam imaging method, the research method in this paper can improve the deep-layer energy focus and effectively enhance the deep-layer amplitude energy under the premise of ensuring the accuracy of shallow imaging. The result of model test shows the accuracy and validity of the method.


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