This work presents the results of a 4D feasibility study performed with a synthetic carbonate reservoir model based on a pre-salt reservoir. We modeled one base survey and the first monitor acquired after 1.5 years of the first oil. We could observe strong 4D signals related to pore pressure increase due to the injector wells , as well as water and gas saturation changes around the WAG wells. Besides the results of the forward modeling, we also present the results of a 4D seismic inversion applied to the synthetic seismic amplitudes to discuss the complexities of 4D seismic interpretation as well as to check that most of the 4D changes on acoustic impedance can be recovered even with complex time-lapse amplitude data. We also highlight a region of the reservoir from which the 4D signal could be compromised by the presence of a volcanic rock nearby injector wells with intense production activity.


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