Near Surface Geophysics Editorial Board


Panos Tsourlos - Geoelectrics

Deputy Editor

Mark Vardy - Seismics and shallow marine geophysics

Associate Editors

Ludovic Bodet - Seismics
Frank Börner - Rock physics, hydrogeophysics
Thomas Burschil - Seismics
Giorgio Cassiani - Georadar
Nigel Cassidy - Geoelectrics and georadar
Frederico Cella - Gravity, magnetics
Michele Cercato - Seismics, surface waves
Maurizio Fedi - Gravity and magnetics
Gerald Gabriel - Gravity and magnetics
Antonis Giannopoulos - Georadar
Mark Goldman - Electromagnetics
Roger Guérin - Hydrogeophysics and geoelectrics
Sherif Hanafy - Seismics and machine learning
Thomas Kalscheuer - Electromagnetics
Ayse Kaslilar - Seismics
Oliver Kuras - Geoelectrics and Electromagnetics
Anatoly Legchenko - Magnetic Resonance Sounding and hydrogeophysics
Mike Müller-Petke - Rock Physics and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Dimitrios Ntarlagiannis - Geoelectric and induced polarization methods, biogeophysics
Nikos Papadopoulos - Geoelectrics and archaeogeophysics
Raffaele Persico - Georadar, archaeogeophysics
Salvatore Piro - Georadar and archeogeophysics 
Fayçal Rejiba - Georadar and electromagnetics
Myriam Schmutz - Environmental geophysics, hydrogeophysics, IP
Alain Tabbagh - Geolectrics, electromagnetics, geothermics
Bülent Tezkan - Electromagnetics
Sebastian Uhlemann - Seismics and geoelectrics
Saurabh Verma - Electromagnetics
Giulio Vignoli - Electromagnetics and seismic surface waves
Bing Zhou - Geoelectrics and seismics
Paul Wilkinson - Geoelectrics, inversion
Mattia Aleardi - Seismic, ERT, inversion, property estimation
Gordon Cooper - Gravity and magnetics, signal processing
Yuji Mitsuhata - Electromagnetics, Inversion
Myeong-Jong Yi - Geoelectrical, EM, Inversion

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