Volume 10 Number 2
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2478



A series of laboratory and field experiments has proved the validity of theoretical formulae for the geophone‐to‐ground coupling characteristics. Soil properties and geo‐phone mass and size have been studied. It has been shown that soil properties in the immediate vicinity of the geophone determine the coupling, together with geophone mass and size.

Statistical studies of coupling characteristics have been conducted on various soils. In some cases the dispersion of resonance frequencies and damping constants is quite large, even when the geophones have been carefully planted.

As a rule, it may be said that geophone‐to‐ground coupling is not a source of trouble except ‐in high‐frequency studies. However, the filtering effect of multiple geophones may be affected by the statistical fluctuations of coupling on a given type of soil, even at usual frequencies.


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