Volume 16 Number 2
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2478



Results of gravimetric surveys can be interpreted by comparing the Bouguer field values with master curves based on simplified geological models. It has been shown in a previous paper how this procedure can be transformed into routine processes which can be computerized. The application of this method has yielded useful results in detailed gravity surveys.

The present paper discusses the application of the same interpretation principles to magnetic data. After some modifications, the method elaborated for the gravimetric data can be used for the interpretation of magnetometric survey results. Magnetometric‐tectonic maps are obtained which show the structural picture by common geological symbols. In the case of faults, the dimensions of depth of burial and throw are indicated on the maps.

The method is illustrated by an example where these procedures have been applied to gravimetric and magnetometric data of the same area. Two different maps are obtained: One shows the tectonics according to density contrasts and the other map depicts the tectonic situation on the basis of magnetic susceptibility contrasts.


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