Volume 21 Number 1
  • E-ISSN: 1365-2478



The new process of automatic determination of seismic velocities by well to well measurements (Bois et al., 1971, Geophysical Prospecting 19, 42‐73) gives the possibility to increase the knowledge of oil reservoirs, by detecting large inhomogeneities between wells. It can also give useful informations on the mechanical properties of rocks in mining exploitation and civil engineering, by gallery to gallery measurements. An application of the method is given to the search for the proper location of an underground hydroelectric power plant, where the problem was to investigate the rock properties in a horizontal plane between two exploration galleries.


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  1. Bois, P., La Porte, M., Lavergne, M., Thomas, G., 1971, Essai de détermination automatique des vitesses sismiques par mesures entre puits, Geophysical Prospecting19, 42–83.
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  2. Bois, P., La Porte, M., Lavergne, M., Thomas, G., 1972, Well to well seismic measurements, Geophysics37, 471–480.
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  3. Lechat, P., Monjoie, A., Lemoine, Y., 1971, Apport des études sismiques et pressiométriques à l'étude de la fracturation du rocher dans le cas d'un site de barrage. Symposium de la Société Internationale de Mécanique des Roches, Oct. 71, Nancy.
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