A10 RESERVOIR ARCHITECTURE OF THE UPPER TRIASSIC SEDIMENTS FROM THE ZARZAITINE OUTCROPS (ALGERIA) – A FLUVIO- LACUSTRINE MODEL 1 B. HAMOUCHE¹ R. ESCHARD² and S. BOURQUIN³ ¹Sonatrach CRD ²Institut Français du Pétrole corresponding author ³Geosciences Rennes UMR 6118 du CNRS Université de Rennes 1 In the Algerian basins the dynamic of the Triassic fluvial systems was controlled by a complex interaction between tectonic and climatic factors. The basal fluvial sequences of the TAGI were deposited during a sagging phase of the basins with a low sedimentation rate during Upper Ladinian and Lower Carnian times. At that time the relief associated


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