P16 GEODYNAMIC RECONSTRUCTION OF THE SAHEL PLATFORM (TUNISIA) – AN INTEGRATED APPROACH 1 H. BOUSSIGA¹ M.H. INOUBLI¹ R. ALOUANI¹ K. SEBEI¹ and M.G BEN JEMIA² ¹Unité de Recherche de Géophysique Appliquée Faculté des Sciences de Tunis – 2092 Tunisia ²KUFPEC Oil Co e-mail [email protected] Introduction Several works have discussed the geology of Paleogene and Neogene series within N-S axis zone Tunisian “dorsale” and Enfidha region. They have demonstrated important lateral changes in facies and thicknesses as a response of tectonic phases occurred during the Campanian-Maastrichtian the Upper Eocene and the Upper Miocene times (Burollet 1956; Castany 1952; Turki 1985; Bédir


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