The multi-sensor platform allows dense data sampling with an array of geophysical sensors, chosen for the particular purpose e.g. magnetic, EM, Radiometric, VLF or metal detection. Geophysical data and navigation parameters are telemetered in real-time to a base station where they are viewed and logged on a laptop PC. Data can be collected from up to 6 geophysical sensors plus navigation at data rates in excess of 10 Hz. The system can be pulled at up to 7-8 km per hour in normal terrain, using a lawn tractor, or ATV. The combination of multi-parameter measurements at each point of the survey maximises the ability to characterise the material underlying the site. The real-time transmission of the data allows real-time data QA, survey design modification, and facilitates rapid in-field processing of the data. The method is applied to the geological, and archaeological sites in addition to part of a large integrated site investigation over a land fill site.


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