Mass-transport deposits are recurrent elements on the<br>Middle-Miocene to Recent sedimentary architecture of the<br>Foz do Amazonas Basin. Thick mobilized siliciclastic<br>series (up to 1000 m) form huge megaslide deposits over<br>areas up to 90000 km2. The Pará-Maranhão Megaslide in<br>the SE, shows a displaced block (>104 km2) in association<br>with large mass transport deposits covering an area of<br>more than 105 km2. The Amapá Megaslide Complex in<br>the NW presents a series of recurrent megaslides in<br>stratigraphic succession, bounded by listric normal faults<br>and tear zones on the upper slope. Associated mobilized<br>deposits extend for more than 300 km downslope,<br>partially involving the upper channel-levee units of the<br>Amazon Submarine Fan.


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