At present time technique of research and interpretation of data of thermometry research is based especially on the basis of data research, for one-phase flow of oil, water and gas. But in the real-life environment multiphase flows in the formation and well are observed. Start and stop processes of the well, swabbing and compressor oil well completion are characterized by unsteady pressure distribution. Pressure in the well can increase above the reservoir pressure and then decrease below reservoir pressure and pressure of oil saturation by gas. <br>Thus regimes of multiphase flows dependent on change from water pumping from the wellbore to the oil-saturated reservoir to fluid production from reservoir with oil degassing are realized. Reservoir temperature distribution in that case is caused by Joule-Thomson effect, adiabatic affect and heat of degassing of fluid. Oil and water throttling leads to temperature increasing and oil degassing leads to temperature decreasing.<br>Informativity of the thermometry technique of well and formation research is based on the regularities of changes of temperature anomalies. <br>Principal regularities of temperature distribution formation during arbitrary bottom-hole pressure changes in the conditions of multi-phase flow taking into consideration thermo-dynamical effects and oil degassing are numerically researched in this work. The possibility of solving of the filed problems according to data of thermo-hydro-dynamical well researches is shown.<br>


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