This work is inserted among the deep seismic refraction<br>studies of the Thematic Project “Geophysical<br>Studies and Tectonic Model of the Tocantins Province<br>Central and Southeast Sectors, Central Brazil”.<br>Three refraction lines, of around 300 km long each,<br>were deployed, two of them in the Central sector and<br>the other in the SE sector, that is subject of the present work.<br>The main objective of this work is to obtain as a<br>final product a seismic velocity model with the physical<br>characteristics of the main discontinuities in the<br>crust and upper mantle. The packages SAC, SU and<br>SEIS were used to perform the data analysis and<br>processing. To carry on the modelling were used the<br>ray theory and the synthetic seismograms construction,<br>belonging to the SEIS package<br>Data from the extreme and middle points of the<br>seismic line were used to elaborate the final model,<br>considering that due to technical problems signals<br>from the other four explosions were not recorded.<br>Apart from that, the recorded explosions did not present<br>clear signals all along the extension of the line.<br>Due to these facts, and considering also the geological<br>units present in the studied region, are suggested<br>three seismic velocity models.


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