In order to evaluating some of the source rocks in Dezful Embayment such as Pabdeh and Gurpi 14 wells distributed in different oil fields from the northern Dezful Embayment selected and TOC % calculated by Δ log R method and neural network. Result compared with measured data (by Rock Eval). The result come from neural network have more correlation with measured data than Δ log R results. We calculated TOC % based on combination of resistivity , sonic and level of organic metamorphism(LOM).<br>In respect to Pabdeh and Gurpi F.m matured in some oilfields and parts of other oilfields, therefore we must calculated initial TOC, so we did oil generation modeling for getting E.Ro (equal Ro) , for calculation of transformation ratio(TR). Consequently, we could calculate initial TOC % and plot Iso TOC contour map in this area, and also make zonation Pabdeh and Gurpi formation based on geochemical criterions .


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