Despite all the difficulties, it seems that a successful attempt has been made in predicting the pressures in this difficult area. The main challenges are (1) the pressure compartmentalisation, (2) non pressure related influences on resistivity logs, (3) variable pressures, (4) sands and shales often not in pressure equilibrium and (5) an extremely difficult velocity and imaging environment. It is still required to undertake real time prediction of pore pressures while drilling. The current volumes can be used as a reference. Due to the challenges listed and the seismic limitations, there will always be an associated uncertainty and error with respect to the pressure predictions. But the best attempt has been made, and the PSDM has increased the accuracy and reliability of the velocity model. The pressure model used can be updated when new well data becomes available. Of vital importance and value is the combination of well mechanical and operational knowledge and seismic processing expertise.


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