Seismic is used as a primary input in planning and execution of drilling projects. However, it is not always used to its full potential. An earth model consisting of structural information with geological targets, faults, and with relevant formation properties such as pore pressure and fracture gradient guide drilling decisions to help place the well in the right “geological” target and to avoid drilling hazards. The best possible accuracy and resolution at the well location is required; therefore all available information needs to be optimally combined and used with the latest model building and imaging technologies. This information includes the while-drilling well logs from the well being drilled as well as any offset wells and other local geological knowledge. The lack of adequate technologies, measurements, and turnaround time limitations, has made this type of optimum utilization of integrated seismic and well data impractical until now. Recent developments in model building, rapid and accurate imaging technologies, and the availability of new well measurements have made this optimum combination a reality. This new approach has been used in a Gulf of Mexico well, demonstrating the potential value it can provide to drillers.


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