The sub_basin focus of this study is located on the Eastern Venezuelan basin between Araya Peninsula and Margarita, Cubagua and Coche islands. Until now, this sub-basin is considered as marginal because it hasn´t find high hydrocarbon potential on the drilled wells; but not wells have drilled the plays proposed here. The main objective is to understand the kind of geological structures present on the Tuy-Cariaco Basin, based on seismic observation/interpretation and surface geology calibration. On this order of ideas, the complementation of the traditional seismic interpretation with compressive geological interpretation techniques (dip panels analyses, Dhalstrom-Suppe geometries among others) and lateral correlation of the geological models, would show us the presence of important structural traps for hydrocarbon Even with few seismic data on the region and low stratigraphic control, the preliminary analysis indicates the presence of prospective structures like folds divided on two kinds of play, the first one related to duplex structures showing Barranquin Formation as the main reservoir and the second one is the mentioned reservoir sealed by a big Pliocene-Pleistocene erosion. The author based on the previous observation recommend to perform a petroleum system study in order to verify the timing of it, and in case of get a good timing, it is recommended a 2D/3D seismic acquisition that will show a new exploratory frontier on Venezuelan basins.


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