Kenali Asam field, Pertamina EP working area, is located in West Sumatra of Indonesia. The field was discovered<br>by NIAM in 1929. There are 285 wells were drilled which consist of 99 producing wells, 20 injector wells, and 8<br>dry well wells, and the rest are suspended wells. The reservoirs are layered reservoirs from shallow to deep<br>zone, and 16 production zones. The oil was produced from primary stage to secondary stage. The secondary<br>stage has been started by injecting water since March 1993. The water was injected to specific layer such as<br>B/650, F/730, N/990, and S/1170. The peak production of primary recovery was 13,643 BOPD with water cut<br>14.4% in September 1954. Peak production of secondary recovery was 2105 BOPD with water cut 50% in October<br>1994.\


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