This study aims at linking seismic subsurface images to reservoir fluid flow simulations to enhance reservoir appraisal. Petrophysical characteristics are determined from geology, well logs and laboratory measurements. Reservoir possible limits are inferred from seismic depth' images. Then, the dynamic response of the reservoir is computed using a numerical fluid flow simulator. Matching observed and calculated dynamic responses within this multidisciplinary framework enables a consistent identification of the reservoir limit. It is to demonstrated on a synthetic example that, given a geological model, the well test response is sensitive to modifications of the reservoir boundaries derived from a poststack seismic depth image. This sensitivity is of same order as the sensitivity to the porosity and an order of magnitude less than the sensitivity to the permeability. Preliminary inversion results are also given. The conclusion is that the range of possible reservoir boundaries derived from the seismic image is a valid physical constraint in the reservoir response.


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