The demand for seismic inversion study in exploration phase is now growing as more case studies have successfully demonstrated the benefits of inversion results to delineate leads and prospects within a specific reservoir and same seismic data set. A recent 3D Simultaneous AVO Inversion study was carried out to delineate leads and prospects from two different overlapping seismic surveys and at different stratigraphic levels. By performing additional processes from the standard inversion workflow, a consistent and correlatable elastic property from multiple seismic surveys with different seismic vintages has been achieved. Quantitative Interpretation Analysis for both surveys at different target levels was carried out by building a Rock Fluid Index (RFI) from the calibration wells. RFI is an index calculated from a background line separating Sand and Shale in the P-Impedance and Vp/Vs domain. The RFI index has removed the compaction trend and made lithology and fluid interpretation easier for leads and prospect delineation.


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