The execution and optimization of multi-stage fracturing treatments remains one of the most critical steps in the economic development of unconventional resources. Two recently developed and field tested technologies offer a step-change in fracturing operations: Horizontal Just-In-Time Perforating (JITP) and Autonomous Completion Systems. While JITP is a well-established technique (extensively used in the Piceance basin, Colorado), its application to horizontal wells is relatively new and promises improved single-zone stimulation, significantly less use of horsepower, reduced number of frac plugs, and added flexibility in water management. In addition, ExxonMobil is actively progressing its proprietary Autonomous Completion Systems that maximize surface equipment utilization by removing the need for umbilical intervention (wireline, coiled tubing, or tractors), which also eliminates the need for lubricators, lifting equipment, additional personnel and vehicles, and improves safety. This paper presents the latest milestones achieved in the development of these completion technologies. The application of JITP to horizontal wells was recently successfully confirmed with a comprehensive pilot program that included more than 30 wells and over 1400 single-zone treatments. Likewise, Autonomous Completion Systems entail broader applications beyond perforating systems. The key enabler for this technology is the frangible downhole navigation system which is undergoing field testing. In addition, the autonomous completion components are fully friable and do not require additional retrieval runs. The use of these technologies is anticipated to create new opportunities in equipment utilization efficiency and operational flexibility to the multi-stage fracturing methods available in the industry today.


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