Sea Water Injection Mobile System (SWIMS) is a system that is designed to increase recovery efficiency through waterflooding small marginal offshore oil reservoirs in the Gulf of Thailand (GoT). This portable system consists of a submersible pump to lift sea water, chemical injection unit, water holding tank with the ability to treat with oxygen scavenger and biocide and high pressure pump capable of operating at up to 4,500 psi to achieve high rate injection. The system has a relatively small footprint and is designed to be mobile and flexible to service multiple offshore platforms. The main target reservoirs for SWIMS are small, high permeability, homogeneous reservoirs with a favorable mobility ratio, which allows injection at a higher rate than the production off-take. This ability enables the waterflood to be processed very quickly. When the reservoir is fully repressured and the targeted sweep is achieved, SWIMS can be mobilized to another platform.


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