At the northern margin of the Arabian Plate, a big WNWESE trending anticline, the so-called Hazro Uplift (Figure 1), was formed by Cretaceous and Miocene tectonics. Silurian and Devonian deposits, which are overlain by Permian and Mesozoic units are present at the core of this anticline. These deposits, named as "Diyarbakır Group", consist of the Dadaş (Silurian-Lower Devonian), Hazro (Lower Devonian) and the Kayayolu Formations (Middle-Upper Devonian) (Figure 2). As solely Upper Silurian-Lower Devonian deposits outcrop in the Hazro anticline area, both the lowermost part of Dadas formation (Dadas I member) and the Middle-Upper of the Devonian Kayayolu formation can only be studied by information from deep boreholes.


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