In the study area located at Eastern Taurides, there are different structural units with different lithology, age and degree of metamorphism, displaying thrust fault tectonic relationship with each other (Figs.1a,b). These from bottom to top, are volcanics and pelagic sediments of Middle Triassic - Cretaceous Koçali Complex (Perinçek, 1978), amphibolite facies schist and marble of Precambrian - lower Paleozoic Pütürge Metamorphics (Perinçek, 1978) and Guleman Ophiolites (Erdoğan, 1977). The Pütürge Metamorphics are cut by Upper Cretaceous Şifrin granitoides of mafic affinity. Both two structural units are initially overlain with an angular unconformity by the Lower - Middle Eocene volcano-sedimentary sequence of Maden Complex (Perinçek, 1978) including blocks of different rock types ranging in age from Devonian to Late Cretaceous. This south-originated structural sequence along thrust fault is tectonically overlain by north-originated sequence which comprises from bottom to top, Bodrum Nappe (Şenel et al, 1989), Yahyalı Nappe and Aladağ Nappe (Aladağ Unit; Özgül, 1976).


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