Seferihisar county is located on approximately 30 km southwest of İzmir city center. As a result of researches conducted on behalf of Başarır Enerji, existence of a new low entalphy geothermal field has been discovered around Kavakdere village in Seferihisar county. The distance between Kavakdere and the nearest geothermal fields, The Cumalı, The Karakoç,The Doğanbey geothermal fields is about 8 km. By context of the Kavakdere geothermal field researches, geological, geophysical, hydrogeochemical and exploratory drilling works were conducted. The crust structure of Seferihisar geothermal area is situated in the conjunction belt between the NW margin of the Menderes Massif and the İzmir-Ankara Zone and along the NE-SW oriented tectonic lines. In regional scale, at the base level of limestone welts of Yenikoy Formation overlying the Izmir fylsch which is located over the Menderes Massif, the coal welts are observed, but at aforesaid levels of-SK-1 well the coal welts were not encountered. Analyses of drilling cuttings which are obtained from SK-1 well show geothermal ore deposits at almost all outcrops of well section and that ore deposits are related to Karaboldere granite. In the Kavakdere geothermal area, a geological survey with a scale of 1/25000 was performed in average 9,5 km2 field, aiming to identify the stratigraphic position and tectonic system. Within the context of this survey, a 760 m deep drilling (SK-1) was conducted and a hot water production, which has 10 lt/s flow rate at 54 °C temperature has achieved by compressor from the well. The in-hole temperature at 760 meter depth (at the bottom) has measured as 74 °C. Thus Seferihisar Kavakdere geothermal field has become important in terms of thermal tourism and greenhouses.


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