Generation of waves and their propagation in real multiphase media is accompanied with nonlinear<br>phenomena, application of which opens a new prospects in increasing the effectiveness of vibroseis method.<br>They are associated with use of wave-harmonics to increase the wave separation, more detailed resolution of<br>seismic sections and wave interaction to predict presence or absence of oil or gas in reservoirs. Field<br>vibroseismic operation results acquired by generating and recording of wave-harmonics and wave of<br>interaction are presented in the report. We show that level of waves-harmonics is high and it is possible to<br>use their energy to acquire additional information about target of prospecting. Next we show that wave<br>interaction study was effective to predict the presence of oil. The nature of the wave interaction is complex<br>and is associated with nonlinear features of oil bearing media. The interaction waves have differential and<br>summation frequencies. This phenomenon makes the waves picking possible.


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