This work presents the historical-geological studying results of the Jurassic and Cretaceous sediments<br>model at Semividov area of the Shaim oil and gas bearing region of Western Siberia for which small-sized<br>traps and mainly the non-anticlinal complex structure pools are characteristic. In this connection the more<br>detailed geology, sedimental conditions and laws of reservoir distribution studying is expedient that allows to<br>predict the hydrocarbon accumulation allocation.<br>The seismic 2D, well logging and drilling data integration on the basis of the paleogeomorphological,<br>paleotectonic, lithologic and facies analysis has allowed to make the perspective interval of the geological<br>model more precisely and to draw conclusions on the cyclic development of reservoirs, referred to the<br>individual paleoterraces. Deposits within the limits of such paleoterraces besides the lithologic barriers are<br>limited to faults, varying by the time of their origin. The reservoir allocation, its pinch out and hydrocarbon<br>saturation forecast and specification were executed taking into account the velocity and wave field<br>characteristics.


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