In this paper we introduce a seismic migration method based on an optimization approach. 3C VSP seismic records are used as source data. As a result, a field of vector reflection coefficient is recovered. This 3C coefficient represents an image of the media. There are two significant features of the proposed method. First, it uses input seismic traces as a source function in the back propagation problem. This allows us to use initial data recorded only on the well. Second, a strong separation between migration and inversion procedures guarantees an efficiency and stability of the algorithm constructed for a solution of the problem. It is clear that in this approach the seismic field migrated to any vertical line in an object domain can be processed by means of regular VSP techniques. So, reconstruction of the image of the media appears to be an inversion procedure applied to migrated data on every vertical line in an investigated geological section. For dipping horizons any other direction of the reconstructed profile may be applied. 3C surface data can be also migrated in the same way.


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