pact from the three factors are presented. Various strategies were employed to mitigate negative impact on campaign safety, cost, and schedule. Some challenges include how to address personnel accommodation and equipment limitations (number, size, and weight) through the use of supply vessels, DPI/DPII intervention vessels, jack-up rig, fast crew transfer, barge, and Liftboat. Another area that required numerous remedial measures was safety systems, e.g. fire water/deluge systems. Other conditions that affect performance are the reservoir’s relatively shallow nature and down-hole conditions that require special rig-up. Along with scope of work challenges, weather is a major consideration when determining the intervention strategy for unmanned platforms. Determining how to limit standby time, overcome personnel and equipment limitations, and continue to work safely is the greatest challenge of all. All of these requirements formulate part of the criteria in selecting an intervention vessel/rig/Liftboat which directly impacts schedule and cost. The major challenges over the past few years will be discussed, including their effectiveness, efficiency, and specification. Furthermore, a summary of how the challenges were overcome based on safety, uptime, and personnel accommodation is given.


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