Climate change presents a fundamental challenge to the way industries use energy and resources. Qatargas, the world’s largest LNG producer is improving operational performance and energy efficiency to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions through an effective, well-structured and maturing GHG management strategy. This approach is aligned with the State of Qatar’s position on climate change. Qatargas’ strategy has three phases. Phase 1 involved understanding the GHG issue, preparing an action plan, and focusing on internal capacity building through analysis of GHG policies, projects and markets. It also analyzed the potential impact of climate change on Qatargas’ operations, and reviewed potential opportunities to reduce GHG emissions and participate in the global carbon market. Phase 2 of the GHG strategy focuses on: • Preparing a comprehensive GHG emissions inventory that includes emission sources from various business divisions, development of GHG management procedures and plans, and corporate GHG KPIs; • Benchmarking GHG efficiency per tonne of LNG produced; and • Comparing company GHG performance relative to peer companies. Qatargas’ verified emissions inventory portfolio is providing data and trends, which is assisting in the understanding of key emission sources and provides a platform to progress Phase 3 of the GHG strategy. Phase 3 focuses on carbon reduction opportunities and abatement techniques via sustainability assessments and engineering studies; and will also include a Life Cycle Assessment for GHG emissions from Qatargas’ operations. These are in addition to the ongoing emissions reduction efforts such as the Flare Management Team initiative and the upcoming Jetty Boil-off Gas Recovery (JBOG) project.


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