Natural gas has been considered as the most promising alternative fuel for its cleanliness and abundance. It has been widely replacing other conventional fuel in industrial applications as well as transportation. Nowadays, more than14.8 million vehicles are running on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) globally, and the number is rapidly increasing due to increase of air pollution awareness and financial advantages. There are numerous anticipated benefits of using CNG in transportation instead of conventional fuels in Qatar. In addition to its economic benefits, CNG will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which will consequently improve air quality in Qatar. Qatar Petroleum is currently evaluating the logistical, technical, environmental and economic viability of utilizing CNG in a wide spectrum of transportation facilities in Qatar and free up equivalent quantities of gasoline and diesel for export. The study covers different aspects such as the distribution network, CNG supply points, modifications and supporting facilities required to convert gasoline and diesel vehicles to CNG. CNG pilot project has been initiated in Qatar on November 2011 to address the full chain of CNG application in transportation; the pilot project will address the filling stations risk assessment, operational procedures, vehicles’ maintenance and associated issues. This paper will present the challenges and problems that might be encountered in the deployment of full scale CNG system in the State of Qatar and the way forward.


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