Maintenance Excellence for Maersk Oil Qatar is about a development and a change journey aimed at positively influencing behaviours including system and process transparency and scalability. This journey questions ways of working and current practices through review of maintenance strategies, policies, CMMS (SAP) functionality and people. In collaboration with our knowledge base, off and onshore personnel and systems, MOQ is seeking to improve why, how and when we maintain our assets, to achieve Maintenance Excellence. Maintenance Excellence is simply a framework for working more efficiently and effectively. Ensuring that we maintain 'In-service integrity' at all times by "fixing forever, instead of forever fixing". This is achieved by treating the root cause of a problem and not just the symptom. Understanding the current position and why change is required. It is essential to make a step change from Reactive to Proactive maintenance, thus achieving compliance within the framework of MOQ policies, standards and strategies. Through developing the Strategy; Populating the Plan; Scheduling Activities; Executing Work; Analysing the Data; Managing Performance - making perfection the goal, Maintenance Excellence will follow. MOQ Policy; Defines the aspirations to achieve Maintenance Excellence. Drive the development of safe systems of work and the overall assurance of integrity and reliability for plant, systems and equipment. Based on the Standard PAS55 or ISO055000; this clearly states the approach and principal methods for managing assets and asset systems. Maintenance Strategies; These are developed through a risk based approach whereby high criticality equipment and packages are subject to detailed analysis e.g. FMECA . Followed on by the Structure of how we manage work; introducing commonality across our assets connecting our people to our technology, sharing best practice and removing waste. The introduction of new Technologies also includes; the CMMS (SAP), Dashboards, (BO) and Document control (EDMS) enabling people to gauge process effectiveness and business performance. Ensuring the right people possess the correct competencies, behaviours, attitude and experience to deliver excellence in their role. Through development and communication, preparing, training and coaching our people, enabling competence and empowerment. This collaboration and adherence to the plan will deliver a seamless implementation. Through continuous assessment we will remain on track, not losing focus of the end goal; only through The 3 P’s – Patience, Perseverance and Persistence will our efforts deliver a successful journey. A journey that is continuous, achieving Maintenance excellence is a living entity, constantly evolving to the many demands made by the business, giving more flexibility in how we espouse continuous improvement. Delivering vision to why, where, when and what we maintain and at what cost. Maintenance Excellence is a lifecycle approach for Continuous Improvement.


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