P078 SUPPRESSIONOF NEAR-FIELDSCATTERED SURFACEWAVES Summary XANDERH.   CAMPMAN KASPER VAN ¡ WIJK JOHNA. ¡ SCALES andGÉRARD C. ¢¤£   HERMAN 1Centre for TechnicalGeoscience Departmentof Applied Mathematics DelftUniversity ofTechnology P.O. Box5031 2600GA Delft The Netherlands 2PhysicalAcoustics Laboratory Center for WavePhenomena at ColoradoSchool ofMines 3ShellInternational E&P In seismic land exploration surface waves scattered immediately under the acquisition surface can be a source of deterministic noise with the appearance of short-wavelength statics. We describe a 3-D wave-theoretical method to reduce this strong near-surface scattering on seismic records. We test the method on laboratory experiments of scattered surface waves monitored by a densely sampled


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