Since 2005 the CO2CRC (Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies) has been conducting a pilot project for understanding carbon dioxide storage, the CO2CRC Otway Project, in Nirranda South, Victoria, Australia. This demonstration project aims to show that carbon capture and storage (CCS) is technically and environmentally safe. In order to study the seismo-mechanical communication between reservoir and surface on seismic and sub-seismic scale, the PROTECT Research Group (PRediction Of deformation To Ensure Carbon Traps) combines different approaches encompassing geology, geophysics, and modelling to develop, benchmark and verify a seismo-mechanic workflow across different scales for a safe monitoring prior, during and after CO2 injection. This will establish a useful way to predict and verify the potential for leakage and possible reactivation of faults to ensure safe CO2 storage.


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