P164 Integrated 3D Seismo-Gravity/Magnetic Modeling in Study a Deep Structure of the Ob-Taz Region N.M Ivanova* (Sevmorgeo State Company) I.V. Belyaev (Sevmorgeo State Company) T.N. Kuzina (Sevmorgeo State Company) O.V. Pustovit (Sevmorgeo State Company) & Y.V. Roslov (Sevmorgeo State Company) SUMMARY The considered territory covers an area of the Ob Taz bays and adjacent onshore of the Yamal and Gydan peninsulas. The Yamal Gydan and Ob-Taz shallows is oil-and gas-bearing region in the northern part of the large West-Siberian Province. A deep geological structure of the Ob-Taz shallows has not been studied enough. The purpose of this article is to


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