P335 Application of Fresnel-Volume-Migration to the SAFOD2003 Data Set S. Buske* (Freie Universität Berlin) S. Gutjahr (Freie Universität Berlin) S. Rentsch (Freie Universität Berlin) & S. Shapiro (Freie Universität Berlin) SUMMARY We present the principle of Fresnel-Volume-Migration (FVM) of single-component seismic data as well as its application to a crustal seismic data set. In standard Kirchhoff prestack depth migration (KPSDM) the wavefield is smeared along the whole two-way-traveltime isochrones. In contrast to that FVM restricts the back-propagation of the wavefield to the actual reflection point by firstly estimating the emergence angle at the receiver from the slowness of coherent phases


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