Geological modelling of depositional facies and petrophysics is usually performed with a high vertical resolution and a low lateral resolution due to flow simulation constraints. The 3D/4D seismic may bring a high lateral resolution on reservoir characterization. To handle this fine scale information, the geological modelling requires a direct integration of well and seismic information. The lateral fine scale details of some good quality seismic attributes allow to locate small and meaningful reservoir connectivity. The deterministic method of integration, presented here, preserves seismic connectivity into the flow reservoir model. The method also offers a permanent link from seismic/geologic information to dynamic model. As soon as small heterogeneity is properly transferred into the flow model, the great benefit of this method is to reduce the history matching phase and to ensure more predictive dynamic model. In this paper, we illustrate a three step methodology allowing an automatic integration of geologically coherent seismic information within the reservoir model.


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