Emissions of coalbed methane released by mining and related underground hazards are major problems for safe and efficient coal exploitation in the Donets Basin, which mines are among the gasiest in the world. There is a proved potential for coal bed methane capture and utilization as an emerging energy resource. Almost the all coal fields of the Donets Basin excluding most eastern superanthracite regions are characterised by high coalbed methane content in situ (from 8-10 to 25-37 m³/t). Some seams during underground coal mining demonstrate more than 100 m³ per ton of mined coal. In this paper, the catalogues of coal properties and methane content and outburst danger of coal seams in the Donbas were used to establish maps of vitrinite reflectance, methane generation, methane adsorption, and actually observed methane content of coals. These maps allow to understand migration of methane in the basin and to determine the areas that present a high potential for coal mine methane projects and industrial coalbed methane exploitation.


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