The analyses conducted in this paper are based mainly on the lithofacies characteristics of the well-penetrated Triassic series in the South Moesian Platform Central Margin. The purpose is to achieve better understanding of depositional environment and lithological composition of the sediments. Besides the detailed observation and study of the Triassic lithofacies, the spatial distribution of the different Formations is also clarified. The economic hydrocarbon fields and numerous shows in the study zone are accumulated in heterogeneous reservoirs. These rocks are situated in Lower and Upper Triassic coarse-grained clastics (Red colour sandstone unit and Moesian Group), Middle and Upper Triassic carbonates (Doyren Fm. with Dolni-Dubnik member and Russinovdel Fm.). The intensive diagenesisis and erosional events improve the filtration parameters of the Triassic succession. Hence, the Middle and Upper Triassic (Anisian and Carnian) limestones and dolomites, close beneath the Triassic-Jurassic unconformity, are the best reservoirs in the study zone. Their lithological and reservoir qualities are proven by numerous oil and gas discoveries. The litholofacies diversity as well as relationships with perspective reservoir intervals are an optimistic sign for future exploration in the South Moesian Platform Central Margin.


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