A sequence stratigraphic interpretation system (OpendTect SSIS) is developed that allows seismic data to be studied in the chrono-stratigraphic domain. The Wheeler-transformed (flattened) data provides new insights in the spatial distribution and timing of sedimentary deposits and allows data to be visualized in a completely new way, i.e. along stratigraphic events at (sub-)seismic resolution. The combined analyses of various volumes, (e.g. porosity, seismic facies segmentation, spectral decomposition, etc.) in both the Wheeler transformed and structural domain reveals geometries and patterns that would otherwise be difficult to interpret in the structural domain alone. Transgressive - regressive trends and lap-out patterns are used to do a complete systems tracts interpretation, while the combination of various volumes -visualized in both domains- give insight in the facies distribution and their shift in time and space. <br>Finally, the possibilities of incorporating the chrono-stratigraphic results in different disciplines will be discussed as well as our perspective on how to improve the analyses by incorporating additional data. <br>


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