The vision of future visualisation is an environment where technology provides the means to<br>experience data, subsurface models and production facilities as if they were part of the real<br>world.<br>Visualisation should utilize our natural senses as in the real world: visibility in three<br>dimensions and a virtual reality that can be felt and touched.<br>We recognize the technology elements that lead the way to this vision: touch interfaces,<br>gesture control, holography and auto stereoscopy to name a few. These tools help us steer<br>through the fog and may be part of the solution to reach our vision. We do not know how<br>much time it will take to reach this vision, but we are convinced that given our current<br>business challenges we can’t wait for the developments to be made for us. We have to<br>promote, sponsor, encourage and actively steer our stakeholders on the road to future<br>visualisation.


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