As well-known, gravity anomaly is generated by three dimentional (3-D) density heterogeneity of various underground substances. Density inversion through the use of gravity data, as one of basic geophysical inversion problems, is evidently significant for structural study and lithological recognition in the geological prospecting. However ; the ambiguity of the inverse problem makes it, in essence, impossible to obtain a real density distribution by gravimetry. This means that we can only get - some equivalent solutions for density estimation from which the information of real density characteristics may be extracted to some extent. Another main problem for the inversion problem is of time consuming and instability during the inversion operation, especially in spatial domain. The geophysical interpretation experiences in the past two decades show that spectral analysis has been played an important role in potential-data processing. Therefore, it is necessary, - and also feasible as discussed in this paper, to develop 3-D density inversion methods in frequency domain .


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